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New Product Pre-Launch

Preparative chromatography. Ever hear of it? You're not alone. It's a complex, but essential part of the scientific research process. So how do you introduce a new product (that does not yet exist) to an extremely targeted audience in a category that is dominated by a behemoth? You empower scientists to demand something better. And prove to them that you're it.


No More Compromises

Until recently, if you wanted a color printer for your business, you had to compromise. Want it to be fast and deliver great features?  You’ll have to pay more. Want something more affordable? Forget about it being fast. Want it to have a smaller footprint? Say goodbye to 11x17 printing. But the new, compromise-free color inkjet from Brother changes all of that.  Following our brand awareness campaign for them last year, we launched a product-specific campaign including national and direct response TV spots, customer case study videos, POP units and online display ads that had a CTR more than 1.5 times a typical B2B campaign.


Vision & Capabilities Video

Banking is becoming ubiquitous, as companies around the world integrate innovative payment solutions and financial services seamlessly into everyday experiences. And FIS, the world leader in financial technology, makes it possible. In this video, PJA helped showcase this new world of possibilities, as imagined during a day where financial services move with the moment.

Cambridge Trust Company

Consumer Brand Awareness

Certain financial transactions are easy. But then life comes up — your kids leave for college, the trip of a lifetime comes up, you plan for your retirement — and you need help, have a question, or want advice. That’s where Cambridge Trust Company comes in. With personalized service and advanced products designed to make your life easier. A series of mini stories was created to highlight this commitment and introduce people to a different kind of bank — Life’s Bank.

Empty Nest Video
TV Trip


Build a Better Practice

As healthcare reform puts payers, providers, and hospitals on notice, PJA has helped several divisions within GE Healthcare introduce innovations to the market that lay the foundation for anew kind of care delivery.

Westlake ACE

Social Outreach Campaign

There’s a lot of competition in the retail home improvement category. So how does a company sandwiched between big box retailers and the local Mom & Pop break through the clutter? By connecting with people’s passions. PJA is helping Westlake ACE Hardware stand out as the destination for people who are serious about birds, barbecue and their yards. But not too serious.


New challenges. New solutions.

Throughout our eight-year relationship, PJA has developed several campaigns to help Trizetto define a new standard of care for a broad constituency of ambulatory care physicians, hospital practices, and accountable care organizations the require strategic counsel as they take on more risk.


Consumer Brand Awareness Campaign

Small office businesses place high emotional value on their printer output, yet rarely, if ever, do they think about their actual printer. Until there's a problem. Through an integrated advertising campaign that included national TV spots and engaging consideration content, PJA helped Brother tap into this idea by bringing the printer to life, making it so reliable that small businesses didn't even know it was there.

Boo Chuck
30 Second Spot
Case Study

Iron Mountain

Think inside the box

Companies everywhere are looking for ways to improve efficiencies and cut costs. One of the easiest places to start is often the most quickly overlooked: the way paper documents are managed and stored. PJA helped Iron Mountain engage financial leaders in mid-sized businesses, offering them an untapped opportunity to save money.

Inactive File
Duplicated File
Buried File
Case Study


Lead Generation Campaign

The opportunities for marketing with rich media are huge. But many marketers simply aren't aware of what they're capable of doing with video, interactivity and analytics. Using Limelight Networks own best practices and capabilities to showcase the possibilities for in-banner engagement, PJA created an integrated lead-generation program that was truly engaging.

Case Study


Vibe "Social Getworking"

When Novell launched Vibe, its new collaboration platform combining real-time social networking with enterprise-level security and control, "Social Getworking" was born. This multi-channel campaign included a "The Lord of the Files" video series, a "Dream Team Predict-a-majig" social application, as well as integrated online and Facebook advertising.



Just when you think you have virtualization figured out, along comes the “cloud.” Enter WorkloadIQ, a new approach to enterprise computing from Novell. Through innovative online ad units and a series of 30-second videos, PJA helped tell this complex story to show how WorkloadIQ helped businesses leverage technologies like cloud computing while maintaining compliance, security-and a cool demeanor-throughout.


Brand Re-launch

Look around. If you see something that uses electricity, chances are TE Connectivity's technology or thinking is inside making it work. PJA helped rebrand this $14B company and rally its global workforce around a new name, a new vision for engaging customers, and a new way of thinking about themselves.

Case Study

Trend Micro

Consumer Brand Awareness Campaign

No one really thinks about their internet security-until they realize they've been hit by malware. Or worse. Following the successful consumer launch of Trend Micro Titanium, PJA continued to raise awareness of just how fast, powerful, and seamless internet security can be with a highly emotional appeal to consumers, on a level that just about everyone can understand.

Rich Media
Case Study

Trend Micro

Titanium Launch

Slow, burdensome internet security is a fact of life. It's just something we have to live with, right? That's just the type of mindset Trend Micro wanted consumers to re-think with the launch of their new consumer internet security product, Titanium. And PJA delivered with a highly integrated campaign centered around a very simple, very big truth.

Case Study

Extreme Networks

Brand Awareness Campaign

Extreme Networks was a pioneer in Ethernet networking solutions. PJA was asked to help reclaim that status by repositioning the company as the only solution provider truly prepared to deliver against the challenges of network mobility. We created a full suite of branding assets to bring their new tagline "Make Your Network Mobile" to life.

PJA Work Video
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Bio-Rad New Product Pre-Launch
Multi-channel campaign designed to build awareness of a new product and generate qualified leads.
Bio-Rad: Vote yes
Brother No More Compromises
A national campaign that turns the accepted trade-offs small business needs to make for a printer on it's head.
Brother: No more compromises
FIS Vision & Capabilities Video
Showcasing the future of banking, all in a day's work.
FIS: Financial services in motion
Cambridge Trust Company Consumer Brand Awareness
Introducing people to a different kind of bank — one dedicated to personalized service.
Cambridge Trust Company: Life's bank
GE Build a Better Practice
Laying the foundation for a new kind of care delivery.
GE: Build a better practice
Westlake ACE Social Outreach Campaign
Using social media to link people’s passions to a retail brand drives loyalty. And sales.
Westlake ACE: Social outreach
Trizetto New challenges. New solutions.
Defining a new standard of care during the Healthcare transformation.
Trizetto: New challenges. New solutions.
Brother Consumer Brand Awareness Campaign
Helping to put Brother printers side-by-side
with small businesses.
Brother: Whose side is your printer on?
Iron Mountain Think inside the box

Turning document management into an untapped source of savings and efficiency.

Iron Mountain: Think inside the box
Limelight Lead Generation Campaign

Helping to make rich media advertising deliver real, measurable results.

Limelight: Stop faking It
Novell Vibe

Helping an enterprise collaboration tool break into the social networks.

Novell Vibe: "Social Getworking"
Novell WorkloadIQ

Launching a new approach to enterprise computing.

Novell: WorkloadIQ
TE Brand Re-launch

Worldwide campaign to rebrand
Tyco Electronics as TE Connectivity.

TE Connectivity: We're In It
Trend Micro Consumer Brand Awareness Campaign
Shaking consumers out of their complacency for typical Internet security.
Trend Micro: "The Nooo! Face"
Trend Micro Titanium Launch
Creating a global campaign around the ultimate consumer pain point.
Trend Micro: Titanium Launch
Extreme Networks Brand Awareness Campaign

Helping a networking technology pioneer reclaim their reputation for innovation.

Extreme Networks: Make Your Networks Mobile
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