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Life these days isn’t easy for a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). On top of tight budgets, unrealistic timelines and limited resources, there’s a whole new enterprise threat they never even saw coming: security vulnerabilities in web-based and mobile applications. Boot up a necessary business app, and you could also be exposing your servers and data to attack.

The continuous threats leave security officers feeling under siege with too few options.


A Needed Change

In the eyes of the CISO, the security threatscape is a monster. Through our Brand Strategy exploration, that insight led us to a unique role for Veracode – a powerful ally that could help protect customers from the monster threatening their business. We showed CISOs they could fight back with a powerful weapon of their own.

For the B2B advertising campaign, we created a cast of Veracode monsters to symbolize this secret weapon. It not only gives Veracode a bold new look; it challenges typical CISO attitudes, prompting them to rethink how they prioritize application security software – and to move Application Security to the top of the stack.

Let’s talk results

If you like what we did for VERACODE it’s time to talk about what we can do for you.

An account-based marketing strategy drives CISOs from key accounts to Veracode’s site, ensuring engagement with the right visitors, and creating trackable clicks.

The campaign included videos, a new web site, print and banner ads, stunning trade show designs, out of home advertising, cool interactive games, and unique self-assessment tools that help buyers define their true security needs. All of it backed up with educational content that helped further engagement with the brand and generate qualified leads for the sales team.


I think of PJA as an extension of Veracode. They combined positioning with a full creative campaign and a website and did a great job helping us convey the importance of securing software to a much broader audience.


The Results

From an internal perspective, Veracode truly identified with the platform we created. Employees took photographs of the monsters all around the world, and the Chief Development Officer was even inspired to write a blog post titled, “Why I Love the Monsters Campaign.”

Most importantly, we got CISOs to think differently about how to solve their application security problems. We gave them the confidence and ability to take on a monster – and win.

The campaign was a standout success, with lots of earned press and dozens of meetings booked. The self-assessment also exceeded goals in the US and the EU, generating 1,116 site visits with a 50% “highly engaged” rate, and more than 400 competed self-assessments leading to six in-person workshops.

of visitors
to the Veracode landing page engaged with the assessment.

140 of 283
targeted companies
increased engagement with Veracode – more than double the expected benchmark.

leads generated
from North America and European companies.

Brand Video

New Veracode Website

Veracode: New Website


Veracode: Print

Online Self-assessment

Veracode: Online Self-assessment 1

Online Self-assessment

Veracode: Online Self-assessment 2

Trade Show Game Experience

Veracode: Trade Show Game

Trade Show

Veracode: Trade Show


Veracode: Social

Account-based Digital Advertising

Veracode: Digital Ads

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