Chris Frame

VP, Creative Director| Draftsman, Cyclist, Logophile

Chris Frame

I recently left my comfortable life in PJA’s Cambridge office to run the creative organization in our San Francisco office. Having joined PJA in its early days, it’s exciting to be in building mode again.

For years, I’ve been helping brands engage and entertain their most important audiences. I began my career as an Art Director in magazines and publishing, and discovered that there’s no better education for understanding a brand and learning how to develop its voice over time. If anything, I find my publishing experience even more relevant today. People want to be informed, entertained, and inspired. And they’ll give you their time and attention if you respect it.

There’s still enormous value in uncovering stories and telling them well. That’s what I do for our clients. There seems to be no shortage of interesting brands with useful, exciting services and products. Making sure that they’re relevant, inspiring, and easy to understand is what I love to do with our teams here at PJA.

When I’m not working you can probably find me in Brooklyn where my daughter is launching a music career, or struggling up the hills of Marin on my bike.