Our founder Phil Johnson built a practice writing speeches and marketing plans for executives at the leading technology companies of the day—Lotus, HP Medical, Polaroid, Digital Equipment and others. These executives turned to us, frustrated that their agencies couldn’t get their story right.

Along the way, we built a full-service advertising agency around our expertise in the hard stuff: enterprise technology, life sciences, and medical products. Often, our clients have been leaders in emerging categories: EMC when it was defining storage as a strategic asset, IBM when it launched its life science business, Celera Genomics when they sequenced the human genome, Red Hat as it makes open source software enterprise ready.

We built our chops in high-consideration, high stakes purchases. Brands turn to us to reach elusive audiences like CIOs or Senior Scientists, people who lead complex decision processes that involve lots of time, voices, and money. Along the way, we’ve learned a lot about the complex mix of rational and emotional triggers that drive a complex purchase decision, and the changing role of channels and content in the buying process.

We have found that consumers, particularly when it involves products that are important to them, behave a lot like their business counterparts: skeptical and self-directed, yet voracious for online content and peer advice. People are more hungry than ever for brands that meet their needs and values. We’ve mined our experience in enterprise BtoB to help consumer and SMB brands sell mobile phones, office equipment and wealth management services more effectively.

In 25 years of business, some things haven’t changed. We remain dedicated to craft, and to campaigns and content that treat people like human beings. We continue to welcome complexity. In fact, we find it inspiring, and have always tried to manage through it to create simple stories that capture the imagination. In other ways, everything has changed. Data-driven media has replaced faith-based advertising. Today, the data and digital side of our business represents half the agency. We’ve built in-house expertise in programmatic media, digital strategy, technology and analytics that is the equal of agencies many times our size. But it remains tuned to the lean, scrappy, and complex reality of our clients.

We’re all in for tackling your most complex problems. And we promise you’ll enjoy our company along the way.

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Never heard of nanodots? Not sure how Virtual Reality can sell mobile phones? Doesn’t matter. If you’re intrigued by new ways of engaging consumers and love a challenge, you can help make marketing that defies the rules.