Blog | Greg Straface 06.15.23

Four Campaign Fundamentals You Should Be Aware of for Your Next LinkedIn Effort

Over the last several months I’ve had the chance to test and learn how to best optimize and leverage resources available for making for better LinkedIn campaign results. These four quick and easy fundamental adjustments can help enhance most LinkedIn campaigns. In my case they lead to driving greater than average click through rates and website visits:

  1. Keep your audience size between 50K to 500K members.
    As a rule of thumb, using 4+ targeting variables should help get you in this recommended range. Any Smaller and you’re likely missing out on the chance to reach professionals you’d otherwise want to be advertising to. Any larger and you’re howling into the wind and likely not able to achieve any real unique reach, let alone frequency.
  2. Focus targeting on job function & seniority vs specific titles.
    Every company can have a lot of different nuances between job titles. Targeting by Job Function and Seniority will ensure you pull in all professionals within that function (i.e., Sales, Marketing, Engineering, etc) and at the level you’re looking to reach (ex: Director, VP level, Senior) regardless of specific title. You’re missing a large portion of your audience you actually want to be serving impressions to if you are trying to target specifically by title.
  3. Avoid the frequency cap: Run several different creative variations. LinkedIn users can only see one creative variation every 48 hours, so with more creative variations in rotation, you’ll be able to drive the frequency that we know is critical to help converting. The easiest way to create a new variation is to "Duplicate" your ad and tweak your copy in the headline or body description, just a few simple word adjustments, then activate it, and you’re ready to go.
  4. Uncheck Audience Expansion. This can target users outside of your targeting parameters. Make sure to always check your demographic reporting for active campaigns to see where impressions are delivering and to ensure they are relevant.