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Top 5 PJA Blog Posts of 2017

Looking back at an active year of blogs, podcasts, and videos from our highly opinionated team at PJA, here are the top five blog posts for 2017 based on total number of page views. We’ll spare you you the more personal posts about summer vacations, pets, and office playlists.

1. Breaking through to the B2B Buyer: Offer Change, not the Status Quo, Mike O’Toole. This blog post and podcast double-header by our President Mike O’Toole caps a three-month global research project with Aberdeen in which we surfaced several insights: buyers want change and want to be challenged; buyers will alter their purchase criteria for companies that address pain points; and if buyers don’t find compelling reasons to purchase, they will choose the path of least resistance: doing nothing.

2. One Simple Question Can Supercharge Your Influencer Marketing, Robert Davis. In a world of transparent blog-for-pay arrangements touting themselves as “influencer marketing,” PJA’s EVP and Director of Strategy goes straight for the $64,000 question: “Who shares your beliefs strongly enough to gladly partner with you – for free?”

3. Today’s Best Media Agencies Go Way Beyond Media, Tammy Bondanza. PJA’s VP, Media Director takes on the often-shocking deficit in strategic thinking among media agencies that promote themselves as “revolutionary” but still think in terms of media placements versus user experiences.

4. Masters of Innovation, Part One and Part Deux, Robert Davis. From a highly entertaining series of posts in which our strategy lead goes back to school after 30 years to get his Masters in Innovation from Northeastern’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business.

5. Why your iPhone Costs More than your Genome, Hugh Kennedy. Proof that if you truly differentiate and offer a vision for change, price ceilings become price floors.

PJA will continue to look for unconventional insights into the market and marketing during 2018. We hope you’ll bookmark and join us.

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