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The Backstory

Small to medium businesses have it tough. When it comes to their print/fax/scan solutions, they’re jammed between enterprise systems and consumer platforms. The choices are either too-big, too-complicated, and too-expensive, or dressed-up home machines that just aren’t up to the rigor of business. This mismatch reverberates throughout the office, as productivity – the lifeblood of smaller companies – suffers. 

Let’s talk results

If you like what we did for BROTHER PRINTERS it’s time to talk about what we can do for you.

The Change

Brother gets pigeon-holed in narrowly defined terms. They’re either a printer company or a copier company. And not always at the top of the consideration list. To change this dynamic, PJA embarked on a Brand Strategy exercise to define a meaningful role for Brother in the world of small-to-medium business that could spark an impactful B2B marketing campaign. . We realized one of Brother’s great strengths was their intimate knowledge of how seemingly small inefficiencies can quickly become a huge drain on small businesses. Their deep knowledge of business pain points made them the ideal partner to design support systems for any size office – from garage start-up to hundreds of employees. It turns out Brother isn’t a printer company or a copier company. They’re an optimization company – and that’s something every SMB could use. This insight led directly to the Think Optimize campaign.

The Solution

To drive awareness and help deepen understanding of how Brother can solve productivity problems around the office, we created an engaging integrated B2B marketing campaign including TV, digital videos and display advertising that showcased common office issues caused by inflexible, centralized print/copy/fax solutions and how easy it can be to solve them by optimizing your equipment to the tasks at hand. Don’t agonize. Optimize.

The Results

While this was simply an awareness campaign, we still tracked results and were pleased by what we saw. The campaign delivered about 38 million impressions, achieved 9 million complete video views and, most importantly, helped small to medium businesses around the country learn that they have better paper handling options developed just for them.

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