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The backstory

When it comes to delivering high-speed data in the Telecom industry, fast is never fast enough. Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information Officers, Network Solution Architects and Engineers in the Telecom industry rely on fiber technologies to help them drive innovation and keep their companies competitive. 

The Assignment

TE Connectivity, a multi-billion-dollar technology and engineering company, asked PJA to help position them as THE leader in fiber connectivity with market-defining innovations that help meet the growing demand for data. 

The Change

Our Fiber Comes Alive campaign had to do more than raise awareness. It needed to reframe TE Connectivity’s value around their buyer’s needs. This was challenging to say the least. TE had thousands of fiber products organized by the corporate divisions that made them, instead of by industries or needs they served. PJA helped TE identify five key global categories of emerging demand and realign their fiber offerings around them. 

Once we had the new organizational framework, we set to work creating an integrated B2B advertising campaign to deliver on it. Online ads featured videos and downloadable innovation briefs that built on TE’s role as a catalyst for technological advancement. And business unit promotions, a fiber connectivity microsite, and registration-worthy content proved TE’s credentials as the leader and driving force in the industry. 

Let’s talk results

If you like what we did for TE CONNECTIVITY it’s time to talk about what we can do for you.

The Results 

By creating upper-funnel thought leadership content that was as emotionally captivating as it was rationally compelling, we tapped into the industry’s shared passion to innovate, enhanced TE’s role in the process and made TE lead-generation activities much more productive.

60% lift
in brand awareness
among target audience

of site visitors
engaged with TE fiber content

social shares
by engineering audience

TE Fiber Microsite

Brand Video

TE Fiber Print Spread Ad

TE Fiber Print Spread Ad

TE Fiber Print Ad Single Page

TE Fiber Print Ad Single Page

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