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You solve the complex. We make it simple.

PJA is a full-service B2B digital marketing agency. We see our role as living at the intersection of data and creativity. There are the things we create — advertising, content programs and experiential marketing. And then there’s the value we drive by finding gaps in the market. Making life better for buyers. And promoting things our clients do better than anyone else. Regardless of technology or medium, it’s the challenge of finding the inspiring story and bringing it to life in unignorable ways that brings us to work every day.

It helps that we’re not afraid of complexity. And that we have serious chops in media buying, data analytics and marketing technologies. We’re all about getting your brand the credit it deserves.

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One of my charters at Red Hat is to make a case to CIOs that we deserve serious consideration as an enterprise infrastructure provider. PJA’s response was The Enterprisers Project, which has been a breakthrough program for us.

Jackie YeaneyRED HAT

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B2B Marketing
From brand awareness to lead generation, we develop global campaigns that change how buyers think and inspire them to action.
B2C Marketing
These days, consumers take purchases more seriously than ever before. Our campaigns help guide them through the buying process.
Brand Strategy
Positioning, brand development and brand activation to help you drive the change that benefits you and your buyers.
Content Programs
Great content is rare, valuable and inspirational. That’s not easy to create. PJA taps into your most important audiences to develop it.
Marketing Analytics
We don’t just tell you what happened. We optimize on the fly to make every program as successful as possible.
Marketing Technology
From ad tech to marketing automation to content platforms, we have the expertise to integrate in your environment and to drive results in both brand and demand.
Media Strategy & Management
It’s never been more important to integrate media with creative and strategy. Our full-service media capability makes even the smallest budget work as hard as it can.