B2C Marketing

Influencing considered consumer purchases

PJA develops digitally-driven B2C advertising campaigns that reach and engage your highest-value consumers. Our experience driving considered purchases in B2B and B2B2C markets informs our understanding of considered consumer buying – and we regularly apply these insights to consumer categories like software, mobile phones and banking.

Insight into how consumers buy

We’ve developed an in-depth understanding of the engaged buyer – a consumer who has something valuable at stake and wants to know they’re making the best buying decision. Our B2C marketing approach brings deep insights from consumer research together with real-time digital data, so campaigns are tuned to actual buying behavior on the fly.

Unique campaigns, a singular approach

While every campaign is different, we base all work on our Branding for Change brand strategy model, which clarifies the kind of consumer engagement that accelerates interest and adoption of your product or solution.


All the technology and all the strategy won’t help without arresting creative. That’s because at its heart, marketing still depends on great stories that tap into emotions to create unexpected, delightful experiences. We work hard to identify the hidden truths that spark these moments and use all the media available – broadcast, digital video, display advertising, mobile advertising, cross-channel content, real-world branded experiences and social engagement as our canvas for well-told brand stories that effectively engage your buyers.

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I definitely view PJA as a strategic partner. I always thought they were going beyond the call of duty. They weren’t just doing it because it was another job; they were doing it because they believed it was something really special.

David GreensteinPIMACOTT


The best media mix leverages highly-segmented, actionable consumer data to help deliver maximum impact. We often recommend test-and-learn pilots using dynamic digital media to identify the best media decisions for campaign rollout. This is how we make the most of your marketing budget.

Analytic and data strategy

From the start, we explore analytic and data strategies to optimize performance and support learning. We develop ongoing campaign reporting for marketers and executives. Leverage campaign-generated data to increase relevance across a range of campaign platforms. Develop test-and-learn campaigns, and provide financial and attribution analyses, that help drive the best performance from a campaign investment. We also plug into all the platforms required to deliver useful full-funnel analytics: client-side DMP, ad server, web and social analytics, marketing automation, and sales automation.

Working with your team

The truth about being an agency today is that we’re never the only agency. Clients typically have a network of partners, and invest in internal marketing execution teams. So early in our engagement, we work with clients to develop strategies to align our efforts and determine who’s doing what so we’re working together effectively.

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