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Making content that supports considered purchases

Today, everyone acknowledges the role of content in considered purchases. What sets us apart is that we’ve been creating content programs for more than 25 years. In fact, it’s how we got our start. That gives us a unique ability to help clients restructure their existing content creation and distribution to deliver more value to important audiences exactly when they need it. We’ve synthesized our accumulated knowledge in our Branding for Change strategy that helps clients build a content platform rooted in their unique brand role.

Content marketing to drive change

For MFS, our brand consultant role meant developing a robust strategy, including content journeys and personas, to guide agencies and an internal content team on how to engage professional fund buyers with key pillars of the MFS brand.

For Red Hat, our brand strategy included developing The Enterprisers Project, an inbound content program developed for enterprise CIOs self-defined by a passion for driving business change. We assembled a panel of more than 50 highly-accomplished CIOs to regularly create original content – content from credible third party experts that accrues value to Red Hat’s brand.

In both cases, we developed a content strategy focused on brand development, and managed long-term content creation and distribution programs in partnership with client-side teams.

The right kind of thought leadership content

Current research into buyer behavior (backed up by content performance data) shows that content that reframes the prospect’s understanding of a business, or offering, is the most effective. We partner with clients to re-focus thought leadership with the content and experiences that are most likely to drive brand consideration.

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One of my charters at Red Hat is to make a case to CIOs that we deserve serious consideration as an enterprise infrastructure provider. PJA’s response was The Enterprisers Project, which has been a breakthrough program for us.

Jackie YeaneyRED HAT

Finding voices to power unique content

While doing research, buyers will spend about a third of their time considering information directly from a brand. The rest of the time, they’re looking for input from experts and customers to inform their decisions. We design content programs to capture all these voices authentically. For example, we’ve figured out how to connect with industry leaders and customers at conferences and trade shows to channel their thinking into content creation platforms.

Integrating content distribution

We think as much about content distribution and the strategies that ensure engagement as we do about content creation. That’s why we bring our in-house media and content strategy teams together with the client’s internal content team to develop integrated distribution strategies that consider organic visibility alongside SEM, native, syndication and other paid distribution approaches.

Content metrics that matter to the business

We design our content programs so we can easily evaluate how the content topics, types, and distribution create engagement and drive brand consideration. We also integrate funnel measures to understand each piece of content’s contribution to downstream business measures, such as lead generation or purchase.

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