Employee Engagement

A great brand can’t exist without engaged employees


PJA brings the same creativity and strategic thinking we’ve honed working on national B2B and B2C marketing to the discipline of employee engagement. You can expect big creative ideas. Experiences that engage versus tell. A methodology for creating change that elevates your culture, your brand, and your employees. And the pursuit of stories that reinforce a shared community and culture where people feel valued and can participate with a clear sense of purpose they can believe in and get behind.


To get there, we use a wide range of creative tactics and advanced technologies – crowd-sourcing employee voices, encouraging social sharing, and creating both physical and virtual ways to interact with the brand. We leverage these to strategically craft and implement a three-phase campaign that will drive real, measurable results every step of the engagement journey.

Our programs are designed to generate the buzz that gets employees saying, “Hey, this is a big deal and I want to check this out.”

“I get it & I’m buying in.” Clear and authentic communication in surprising places makes it easy for employees to understand the message in key moments.

Taking Action
We combine digital and traditional strategies that make it easy for employees to say, “It’s up to me now.”

We leverage a distinct set of strategic principles proven to drive real results. Here are just a few.

Be bold: Focus on a strong, simple idea everyone will remember

When Baxalta spun off from Baxter Pharmaceutical, PJA created the Inspired By You global campaign to help communication a new culture focused on inclusion and collaboration. Giant interactive installations, user-generated content, including SMS-based polls and quizzes, combined with and impossible-to-ignore location-based messaging resulted in dramatic engagement rates—a 75% completion of poll response rates and 97% quiz completion. Check out the full case study here.

Get physical: Give people things they can touch & do

We launched a division-wide quality initiative for Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics. The Excellence Adds Up program used interactive photo kiosks to show employees how many lives they had touched in their time at the company. A microsite supported the experience and educated them in the importance of operational excellence.

Harness serendipity: Your employees will evolve a good idea

To help TE Connectivity employees feel great about the company’s new name, PJA created the We’re In It campaign. A global competition invited employees to insert themselves into the new brand campaign using photography, a mobile barcode reader and environmental signage. Post-campaign, more than 80% of employees had favorable opinions of the new name, a 4x improvement over pre-campaign results.

Needs we address

We’ve got deep experience addressing key opportunities and challenges internal marketers often face:

  • Integrating teams following acquisitions
  • Helping accelerate organizational change
  • Elevating the importance of diversity & inclusion
  • Deepening employees’ connection to company culture
  • Rolling out a new brand, mission, or value system
  • Boosting morale to improve employee retention
  • Aligning employee behavior with external marketing campaigns
  • Activating brand ambassadors

Novartis "Excellence Adds Up" Employee Engagement

Novartis "Excellence Adds Up" Employee Engagement

TE "We're In It" Employee Engagement

TE "We're In It" Employee Engagement

Baxalta "Inspired By You" Employee Engagement

Baxalta "Inspired By You" Employee Engagement

Baxalta "Inspired By You" Video