Marketing Analytics

Driving value with data

From the start, we’ll discuss the data and analytic strategies needed to tune performance, optimize ROI, and deliver feedback to inform future campaign planning.

Data as organizing principle

As a digital marketing agency, we work to understand where clients are on the path to data-driven audience-centric B2B and B2C marketing. When we understand the current state, the data roadmap, and current capabilities and platforms, we can define the right role for PJA to help realize a comprehensive data vision.

Optimizing brand and campaign impact

During the brand strategy phase of campaign development, we create a framework for ongoing optimization of campaign performance. We tailor metrics and data collection methods to specific objectives, from brand awareness and perception to impact on funnel metrics like consideration and lead quality. We also define approaches for optimizing media, creative, content, and site effectiveness, including A/B and multivariate testing plans.

Actionable insight

For each display advertising or mobile advertising campaign, we monitor attribution, mix analysis, and ROI metrics to provide insight for long-term planning. Audience performance data can also be leveraged to refine existing personas and audience segments.

Let’s talk results

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I always felt I was getting a pound and 1/2 for every pound I spent. I was really impressed with the agency’s view on what they call considered consumership, which is not just trying to get a visceral reaction to an idea or a brand, but also intellectual.

David GreensteinPIMACOTT

Reporting to inform collaboration and decision-making

Different members of the marketing team need different levels of information about a campaign’s performance. From real-time dashboards of top-level campaign metrics, to interactive Tableau dashboards that support querying, we deliver the reporting and analytic tools that you need.

A measured success

Our analytics team has many years of experience working side-by-side with client analytic teams and platforms. In many cases, we’ll even train a client’s analytic staff in new approaches and advanced techniques for maximizing marketing and sales data.

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