Marketing Technology

Using technology to fulfill a human vision

The trick for an agency is to integrate the multitude of B2B and B2C marketing technology platforms and tools that our clients use. We’ve learned how to take advantage of their current capabilities, and partner with them to pilot and scale programs that improve overall effectiveness. But at the core, we never lose sight of the fact that technology is here to support a creative and humanistic role for the brand.

Web development

We’ve built a full-stack, in-house development team to develop and integrate front and back-end technologies. We develop full sites, landing pages and every form of experience in-between – working in a modern development environment with the latest techniques to ensure that every site loads quickly across the widest range of devices. Our capability spans modern CMS platforms such as Drupal, WordPress, ProcessWire, and SharePoint. And we partner with dedicated external Quality Assurance teams to ensure the best possible experience.

Digital experiences

We go beyond making responsive websites. We’ve designed and delivered multi-screen, touch-activated interactive displays, custom photo apps for our clients lobbies, and an SMS-based trivia game in Boston’s public transit system. For our own office, we developed Vend-a-Friend, a custom tablet experience that delivers personalized gifts from a vintage vending machine.

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I think of PJA as an extension of Veracode. They combined positioning with a full creative campaign and a website and did a great job helping us convey the importance of securing software to a much broader audience.


The marketing technology stack

Our technology team can make the most of any marketing campaign automation platform, including Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Act-On and Hubspot. If you’re just starting out, we’ll identify the capabilities you should take advantage of, and guide you in their implementation. And if you’re an expert, we’ll keep up with you. Oh, and we speak Salesforce, too.

Multi-touch journeys

We create personalized buyer journeys that frequently start with data-driven advertising, or search, and continue to personalized landing experiences supported by retargeting and nurture campaigns. All the while, maintaining user identity and context through interactions that span multiple sessions  and platforms.

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