Media Strategy and Management

Creating media programs that deliver brand and demand

We have a kick-ass, performance-driven media department that’s the equal of anything you’ll find in the largest agencies. With strength in brand demand and ecommerce programs, we’re ready to make any size B2B marketing media budget work as hard as it possibly can. Our ambition is to have clients value us as true partners with a point of view.  

Integration across channels, content types, and brand and demand

As integrated planners and buyers, we have expertise in all media types: digital advertising and mobile advertising, SEM, TV, radio, print, out-of-home, content distribution, lead generation, and account-based marketing (ABM.) As a digital marketing agency, we’re passionate about staying on top of the rapidly-changing digital/technology landscape. The complexities (and nuances) of programmatic media buying are nothing new to us – we have the experience and training to mine and manage the solutions, data, audiences, insights and advanced analytics that move the needle.

Always be testing, that’s our philosophy

Modern media gives us the opportunity to use advertising campaigns as real-time, quick learning, in-market “focus groups”. Continuous testing throughout the life of the program lets us learn fast and scale when we spot opportunities. This is especially helpful for reaching niche audiences such as consumers making a considered purchase, and in categories like Technology, Life Sciences, SMB, and Financial Services. And testing also helps us optimize creative, messaging, offers and calls to action.

Let’s talk results

It's time to talk about what we can do for you.

I think of PJA as an extension of Veracode. They combined positioning with a full creative campaign and a website and did a great job helping us convey the importance of securing software to a much broader audience.


Media is a team sport

We believe in the power of partnerships – internally and externally. We know it sounds cliché, but the commitment is real because it makes for better business. For example, our media and creative departments sit together, think together and laugh together. There’s already chemistry and collaboration when we start to think about a client’s business. That helps us stay in lock-step throughout the entire engagement. Beyond our walls, we’ve also developed a team of world-class partners, from syndicated research and profiling, to ad-serving, to advanced analytics providers.

Measure what matters

We know all the strategy and planning won’t matter without the right tracking, the correct key performance indicators and the ability to respond quickly to the data. We optimize all our programs through tagging webpages, trafficking creative and the hundreds of steps it takes to launch a complex campaign. We understand flawless execution is everything.

Complex campaigns generate a sea of data and it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. We’re disciplined in pulling out meaningful data points and applying the insights quickly and across platforms to drive media performance and investments – and communicating this information clearly every step of the way.

See this capability in action

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