Aprecia 3DP Pharmaceuticals

to its fullest

What We Did

With the world’s first and only FDA-validated, commercial-scale three-dimensional printing (3DP) platform for pharma, Aprecia is enabling the next generation of pharmaceutical manufacturing – and taking medicine to its fullest potential in the new age of digital medicine. Aprecia turned to PJA to help position the company as a premier technology partner for large pharma companies on an urgent quest for drug innovation.

To help Aprecia establish itself as the first and only provider of this ground-breaking 3DP technology, PJA completely redesigned their corporate website. A key goal: giving the brand the look and feel of a leading innovator that large pharmaceutical companies would want to turn to. The clean, modern look uses photography, infographics, and original 3D illustrations to create the feel of never-before-seen possibilities, powerful business and medical advantages, and trustworthy science. A new Ideas section gives the experts at Aprecia a flexible platform for publishing thought leadership content moving forward – and provides lead generation opportunities supporting the launch of Aprecia’s newest product.



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