Middlesex Savings Bank

Helping you live life your way.

What We Did

Everyone will tell you they’re there to help with the big stuff. The mortgage, the IRA, the business loan – and Middlesex Savings Bank will, too. But what they’re most proud of is being there to help you make the most out of the rest of it – all the life in between. In the morning, when you go online to review your statement. At the coffee shop, when you go pay with your debit card. Or at the drive up, when you just need to get it done on the fly.

From TV and radio, to print and out-of-home, to owned and earned digital and social experiences, PJA brings the bank’s brand to life with a unique and surprisingly authentic voice, appropriately placing the bank in its customers’ world to help them live life their way.

Middlesex Savings Bank billboard
Rising to the challenge

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