Aaron DaSilva

EVP, Executive Creative Director| Runner, Hockey Fan, Soup and Egg Eater

Aaron DaSilva

I’ve built my career helping brands in virtually every category tap into truths their buyers care about, and then using those insights to create stories that are both rationally and emotionally engaging.

I’ve had the good fortune to work with BtoB and BtoC brands big and small, and for our efforts to be honored by organizations such as the One Show, Lurzer's Archive, the Effies, The Hatch Awards, ANDY, MITX, and the BMA Awards.

I’ve judged numerous award shows including The Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX), The Global ACE Awards, The New England ADDY’s Awards, The NEDMA awards, and The Pynchon Awards. I am a frequent speaker at Boston University College of Communication, have appeared as a guest speaker at the AdAge Small Agency Conference, and am a sitting member of the New England Ad Club Hatch Committee.

While I’m incredibly proud of the work we produce, I’m more grateful for the incredibly talented and collaborative teams — internal and external — I get to work with that push me to become a better creative thinker every day.