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Not everyone understands the difference between health insurance and voluntary benefits. As open enrollment approached, Guardian Life needed an engaging way to help employers and employees better understand how voluntary benefits work, and why they’re so valuable.


A friendly video series that speaks to people like people.

Meet Kelly, Guardian’s friendly, helpful spokesperson who answers questions about confusing voluntary benefits — vision, dental, life, disability — in human, lighthearted terms we can all understand.

Dan is our “every person”
— hardworking with a good sense of humor who just needs help wrapping his head around the mumbo jumbo.

Simply Put has accumulated millions of views with engagement rates nearly double industry benchmarks. As a result, it has significantly increased broker and employer awareness of Guardian’s innovative voluntary suite, while also contributing to lifting participation in other adjacent Guardian programs.

  • 2.5 million
    plays on social media
  • .35%
    vs .18% industry benchmark engagement rate
  • 1 million
    page views

Can Long Term Disability Insurance
help Eva stress less in the long run?

How much can you save staying within the Guardian Dental Network?
Can the Tooth Fairy beat that?

What exactly is the Spring Health Mental Wellness Solution?
Is it better than a tropical getaway?

So much planning goes into shooting a single spot, let alone five. Then cramming a 15-person crew and all the talent in a room to get that perfect final take before the end of a long shoot day — that gets hectic. But doing it well is what makes it worth every crazy minute.
Emily Burbridge — Account Director, PJA
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