Blog | Greg Straface 10.17.18

PJA’s O’Toole To Speak at MarketingProfs B2B Forum

San Francisco, Thursday, Nov. 15th

What B2B Buyers REALLY NEED From You (And How to Give It to Them)

B2B buyers are struggling. They are looking for a competitive advantage, but they don’t know where to find it. They know that they could improve the way they are doing business, but they’re not sure how. Worst of all, when they need to make a significant purchase, they struggle to figure out what they actually need. And even if they figure that out, they struggle to make the right purchase for their business.

The sad truth is, B2B vendors aren’t much help.

In this session, based on research conducted over the last two years by Aberdeen and PJA Advertising + Marketing, we'll show you how to get to B2B buyers earlier in the buying process, how to help them define their needs, and, ultimately, how to get them to say “Yes!” sooner.

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Understand what hangs B2B buyers up the most
  • Shape buying intent
  • Guide B2B buyers to a purchase decision
  • Avoid the mistakes that stop b2b buyers in their tracks

Matthew T. Grant | CMO-in-Residence | Aberdeen Group
Michael O'Toole | President | PJA Advertising + Marketing

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