Blog | Hugh Kennedy 01.03.20


How are healthcare marketers thinking about the next year? In this and future two-minute interviews we’ll ask our current and former clients what’s on their minds.

Amit Dua is Director, Brand Marketing - Respiratory at Mylan Pharmaceuticals in Pittsburgh. He was most recently Global Marketing Director, Cell & Gene Therapy at GE Healthcare and spent 7 years as a marketing and global product manager at Pall Life Sciences. Dua’s bona fides in healthcare marketing include a bioengineering degree as well as an MBA.

1. What would you say your biggest marketing challenge is for the coming year?

We have so many challenges, but that’s only because our ambition and goals are very high. The challenges my team and I will face vary based on the brand/disease area. Two of our brands are in a very competitive market and although we have differentiated products, we need to be laser-focused on crafting clear messages, integrating them consistently across multiple tactics and only focusing on high-impact tactics. We have another brand in our portfolio which is in a specialty market and our challenge here is crafting a truly humble marketing approach that authentically resonates with our audience.

2. What will you be asking from your marketing in 2020 that you haven’t before?

Saying no to a lot of good opportunities and focusing on the highest-impact ones not only for our business, but also for our customers.

3. Are you looking to any new channels that you haven’t taken advantage of before? If so, name one.

Yes, we are considering several new channels as our organization believes in innovation and creative approaches to accomplish business objectives. Unfortunately, I can’t share what they are.

4. Do you feel that your brand has a relevant social purpose? What is it? Why is that important?

Yes, all three of the brands I am responsible for help patients manage their disease. On a personal level, what I value the most is having an opportunity to help people, so working in pharma and life sciences has been very fulfilling for me.

5. What’s your favorite movie of all time?

Remember the Titans. I love collaborating with driven people, motivating them and working with them for a greater purpose.