Blog | Hugh Kennedy 12.17.19


How are healthcare marketers thinking about the next year? In this and future two-minute interviews we’ll ask our current and former clients what’s on their minds.

Jennifer Therrien is Director of Demand Generation Marketing for Pharma Services at Thermo Fisher Scientific, a $21 billion biotechnology product development company headquartered in Waltham, MA. She also worked at IBM for 10 years as a Marketing Manager for its IoT Ecosystem and Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure groups.

1. What would you say your biggest marketing challenge is for the coming year?

Balance. For every organization, there's an optimal balance of lead generation, thought leadership, ABM, sales enablement, brand advertising, social, content creation, and distribution. When you identify a lack in one area, it’s easy to let the pendulum swing the other areas out of balance to compensate.

2. What will you be asking from your marketing in 2020 that you haven’t before?

Data Science and machine learning. It's not just for software developers.

3. Are you looking to any new channels that you haven’t taken advantage of before? If so, name one.

There may be a billboard in our future.

4. Do you feel that your brand has a relevant social purpose? What is it? Why is that important?

“The World Leader in Serving Science.” It’s a beautifully written tagline, but it really is the epitome of everything that we do as employees.  And I'm humbled to be part of the arm of Thermo Fisher Scientific that collaborates with biopharma to make and deliver medicines to patients.

5. What’s your favorite movie of all time?

Almost Famous. No matter what the circumstances, there's always a great story just waiting to be told.