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The Backstory

For many, Cambridge Trust Company was a traditional institution catering to a narrow audience of older affluent customers and nowhere near top of mind for younger professionals making a good income. That clearly needed to change.
Challenged to appeal to broader audiences and younger demographics, the bank needed to update its brand and give younger affluent consumers a compelling reason to overcome the inertia to change banks.


The Change

PJA started with a Brand Strategy exercise, looking for CTC’s best role – the way they could best fit the needs and lives of potential customers. We learned that certain financial transactions are easy, and any bank can handle those. But then life comes up and people need help, have a question, or want advice. At those moments, the role of a bank becomes highly personal. And that’s where Cambridge Trust Company excels.

And thus, the campaign Life’s Bank came into focus. All messages in this brand campaign reinforce the idea that Cambridge Trust has the insights and solutions to help people meet the challenges and opportunities life offers.

Let’s talk results

If you like what we did for Cambridge Trust Company it’s time to talk about what we can do for you.

The Solution

To drive awareness, deepen current customer relationships and grow Cambridge Trust’s appeal with the next generation of customers, we created a fully integrated B2C marketing campaign including including TV, print, OOH, digital and social. A rich content strategy, including a thought series, promoted their wealth management services through podcasts, videos and live events. All tactics were supported by a robust media strategy including highly targeted, dynamic digital display units, geo-fenced mobile with “tap-to-map” functionality, and a “video everywhere” digital and broadcast buy.

When CTC opened its new branch in Kendall Square in Cambridge, a national hub for innovation in technology and life sciences, we were challenged to extend the Life’s Bank brand to a younger, affluent audience. Playing on the demographic of tech entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers working and living in Kendall Square, we introduced Life Math as a concept to acknowledge the constant set of equations we use to make virtually every financial decision. All day long we do Life Math. Should we go out to dinner or save an extra $50? Should we replace the boiler or take a vacation? What do we sacrifice today for a better retirement tomorrow? That’s Life Math and Cambridge Trust understands and can help with the human dimension of making those decisions.
We introduced the concept in bold graphics throughout the new branch, digital videos playing on in-branch monitors, social video assets, and in an interactive touch screen app that lets customers explore their own approach to Life Math.


The Results

With creative and media so tightly integrated, the campaign achieved impressive results. Traffic to site increased 22%, online video earned an 83% completion rate and cost per visit to site decreased 7%.  Product campaigns earned equally impressive results. Apply Now actions for mortgages increased +103%, leading to a 78% increase in personalized mortgage quotes.

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