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The Backstory

Everyone knows scientists are rational beings who only respond to facts and figures, right? Wrong. They’re people. And like people everywhere, they have hopes and dreams, fears and superstitions. Especially when it comes to growing cell cultures. Sometimes it seems anything — or even nothing at all — can make those tiny cultures crash.

While few scientists in the lab are involved in the purchase of consumables, all of them care deeply about the supplies they end up with. They demand consistency and reliability to increase the chances of success. And naturally, they’re always on the lookout for new products or techniques that can speed up discoveries. Recognizing the emotional connection scientists have with their tools created an insight for PJA and Corning that could change the tone of life science marketing.

Let’s talk results

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The Change

To calibrate exactly how to make Corning the favored brand among scientists, we turned to our Branding for Change process to discover a unique role Corning could fill. What we found was their suite of trusted labware and their commitment to innovation gave Corning the credibility to talk about the advancement of applied biology. More than any other brand in the market, Corning could be believable as a champion for emerging technology and methodology – such as 3D cell culturing.

With both a meaningful brand role and a unique insight into the emotional lives of scientists, the Cell Culture Success experience was born – a sprawling multi-platform, multi-year engagement based on a thoughtful customer journey and highly focused media strategy. Cell Culture Success educated bench scientists about advances in their field – and how to duplicate them.

A high point of this program was a relationship with JoVE (the peer-reviewed Journal of Visual Experiments) in which we facilitated the sharing of new breakthroughs. We created open access to a JoVE database of experiments considered most useful to scientists. And we also helped scientists get exposure for their work by sponsoring a contest with the prize being an all-expenses paid entry in JoVE.

Throughout Cell Culture Success, we also looked for novel ways to help scientists share the human side of their work.

We tapped into their superstitions, asking them to share the crazy things they do to ensure the success of their experiments. Hundreds of Facebook entries were logged, which is remarkable for an audience considered to be outside the reach of social media. Then, with the #CORNINGCELLFIE contest, we invited scientists to share photos of their cells exhibiting advanced behaviors to win giant, framed paintings of their work.

By celebrating the wonderful, quirky world of bench scientists, and Corning’s role in helping advance it, we got people thinking about the unsung heroes of the science: the labware.

The Results

Our Cell Culture Success campaign did for Corning exactly what it promised. For an audience of 10,000 bench scientists we achieved remarkable engagement.

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