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The Backstory

Put simply, Neat came to PJA for change. They created notoriety and growth with their innovative NeatReciepts expense management system that turned scanned receipts into expense reports automatically. But with the evolution of technology, Neat’s success now depended on pivoting from hardware to software, and from consumer to small business.

Our approach was to move Neat from a traditional impression-based media buy to a performance-driven strategy that could be measured more accurately based on investment.

Let’s talk results

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The Change

To achieve our goals, we built a display advertising marketing engine capable of improving acquisition through a data-driven model.

The program included a holistic, direct response media campaign that drove consumers to e-commerce and retail destinations, with programmatic media at the core. The plan incorporated digital display, social, video, native and mobile advertising, as well as emerging programmatic mediums such as out-of-home and radio. An important part of the program design was a real-time learning engine that could help us discover the creative combinations that proved most successful for each medium and audience. That allowed us to put the right message in front of the right audience more rapidly, and generated insights that could be applied in market for the duration of the campaign.

Not only did the approach optimize creative and channel mix in real time, it also helped us uncover four new industry verticals that produced even greater returns than the original target segments.

New native and sponsored social media strategies allowed for even more quality engagement. We used social channels to promote conversations among our target audience and increased traffic and sales through associated custom offers. Native ads allowed us to integrate with relevant editorial content. And we were able to target potential customers based on their personal content consumption history.

Finally, a combination of out-of-home, radio and mobile combined offline and online tactics. Integrating geo-fenced ad buys with a small business target, for example, allowed us to drive more sales in stores with tactics such as tap-to-map mobile units.

The Results

The brand strategy and cross-channel methodology paid off. Our attribution model showed that 40% of people who converted were exposed to more than one media tactic prior to purchase. The transition from offline channels to programmatic display reduced budgets and increased return on media spend threefold. Dynamic creative optimized in real time resulted in a 53% lift in click-through rates. Social media engagement introduced 20,000 new SMB visitors to Neat’s site in just ten months. And our geo-fenced mobile units averaged a .88% CTR – 120% above the industry average. Furthermore, we were able to track the media back to in-store sales numbers and attribute them to media driving purchases in various store locations.

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