Water isn’t
so tough

What We Did

Xylem is one of the largest water management companies in the world and you’ll find them in some of the most challenging projects around the globe: The Panama Canal expansion, superstorm Sandy recovery, the Thailand cave rescue, and the list goes on. They’re behind the scenes in mines, municipal sewer systems, nuclear power plants, naval ships, oil platforms, paper mills, refineries, soda factories and more. They’re listed at #7 on Fortune’s 2018 Change the World list – the top 50 companies making a significant social impact as part of their core strategy. Yet, they’re not given proper credit for all they do.

To help heavy industrial companies recognize Xylem as a peer and go-to partner, PJA’s strategy and creative work led to a marketing system that works as hard for them as they do for their customers – incorporating related tiers for 13 industries, 15 sub-brands and hundreds of products across websites, ads, product videos, sales collateral, infographics and lead-gen programs.



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